South African leader doubles down on chants calling for the genocide of whites, attacks Elon Musk and "his white skin"
· Aug 4, 2023 ·

Over this past weekend, a South African political leader made headlines this week when he lead a stadium of 90,000 people in chanting for a genocide of white farmers in Africa.

But now he's gone too far. Now he's attacking everyone's favorite African American.

After the video went viral, Elon Musk called out the South African President, demanding he condemn the calls to violence.

Malema doubles down on the song, AND he calls out Elon Musk for opposing the mass genocide of whites in his homeland.

I will sing this song ['kill the Boer, kill the farmer']... when I feel like. It's not my song, it's a struggle song...

Why must I educate Elon Musk? He looks like an illiterate. The only thing that protects him is his white skin! Elon Musk wants to learn about this song, the records are there in court.

This guy... this is not my kind of guy.

He's a genocidal Marxist (surprise!) who wants to shed a lot of blood so he can have power.

Isn't it interesting that he's getting so little media attention when the media has been obsessed with a country song for two weeks?

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