Southern Poverty Law Center says "anti-Blackness" killed man who CHOKED A COP while yelling "YEAH B****!" after driving 100 mph 🤡
· Oct 19, 2023 ·


Look at that note at the bottom:

Leonard Cure was pulled over on the side of I-95 near the Georgia-Florida line for driving ONE HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR, putting everyone's life on that highway in danger. According to the SPLC, this equates to "anti-Blackness in policing."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Camden County Sheriff's Office released video of the incident, which showed Cure complying with the officer until the officer told him he was under arrest. At that point, he got out of his vehicle and ignored the officer's instructions (let me remind you this is all happening on a dangerous highway shoulder).

The officer tased Cure when he argued and did not comply. Cure still resisted (because tasers are not nearly as effective as you think) and he was tased again as Cure suddenly lunged into action, swinging his arms at the officer.

Cure choked the officer, whose arms got pinned by Cure. The officer managed to retrieve his baton, still opting not to use his gun while being choked out, as you can see from this screenshot in the video I'm about to show you:

The bodycam footage shows the officer hitting Cure about half a dozen times with the baton. After that did not work, the officer drew his service weapon and fired.

Now for the video:

[Warning: Violence, Language]

And, in case there was any doubt, the officer's bodycam:

Cure yells out "YEAH B****!" at the officer repeatedly, obviously enjoying squeezing the life out of him.

Or, as the SPLC would say, "justice and accountability."

The situation was investigated by Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor, District Attorney Keith Higgins of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. None of them have found any wrongdoing on the part of the officer, who is on leave while they finish their investigation.

Their statement:

The video will show the traffic offenses of speeding over 100 mph and Reckless Driving which occurred prior to the body camera video of the Deputy's encounter with Leonard Cure. Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor, along with District Attorney Keith Higgins of the Brunswick Judicial Circuit, and GBI Agents investigating the case decided this morning to make the videos available for public review in an effort to be completely transparent as to what happened, and how the incident escalated to the point of extreme Use of Force.

And yet, the SPLC wants to turn Cure into a martyr, likely because he spent years in jail on a wrongful robbery charge in 2003 and had recently spoken at Jonesboro High School in Clayton County about that experience.

The SPLC wants to connect that to this incident with a white police officer in a bid to convince Americans that basic law and order is actually racist.

Why would they want to do that?

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