British students protest against "greenwashing" because their university spent £24,000 on a statue of Greta Thunberg instead of donating to climate stuff 😂
· · Jan 6, 2023 ·

This is such a funny story.

Winchester University in Britain is seeing protests from students who are mad because it spent £24,000 on a life-sized Greta Thunberg statue instead of spending that money on climate-related goals.

From the Telegraph:

Students have accused university chiefs of "greenwashing" them in a protest over a £24,000 statue of Greta Thunberg.

Protestors gathered on the University of Winchester campus to accuse the "upper echelons" of buying "meaningless statues", instead of making concrete climate commitments.

The Hampshire university spent £23,760 on what it claims to be the first life-sized sculpture of the "inspirational" Swedish environmental activist.

Bosses told students that they hoped the bronze figure showed "commitment to combat the climate and ecological emergency".

Leftists are mad at this school because they spent money on a Greta statue, which does NOTHING to change the weather, instead of putting out more recycling bins or making people use paper straws, or whatever.

Yep, wacky British leftists are mad because the university didn't adopt their preferred virtue signal.

The demonstration, at the university's West Downs Centre, had three main demands, including; stopping attempts to greenwash students, reinstating sustainability and social justice as key values, and making short and long-term commitments to these goals.

Oh, so they're Marxists. Imagine my shock.

One of the protesters, 20, a third year archeology student, said: "They promised me they care about the environment and cared about social justice, neither of which have fully materialised my entire three years of being here.

"When I came here, they still had those two values as core values at the university, but those have since been removed for no good reason."

The student said the university now needs to make a "meaningful commitment to making a difference" following the protest last month.

What the uneducated students fail to realize is that the statue will do just as much to fight "climate change" as any of the other "green" demands placed upon the University.

Maybe if they made the students bow and pray to the statue of Greta it would make more of a difference.

"Take beef off the menu and replace it with chicken and fish if need be. Make your plant based meals affordable," the student, who wished to remain anonymous, said.

"Focus on making the university buildings energy efficient and sustainable rather than wasting money on meaningless statues, the meaning of which have been completely wasted on the university's upper echelons."

Oh, if only they would stop serving hamburgers at school, then the great sun monster would leave us alone!

The university's sustainability statement says: "To us, sustainability means living in harmony, acting with kindness, and caring for all living things, now and for future generations... sustainability is a way of life at Winchester and we incorporate it in everything we do."

However, some students have taken issue with certain food outlets on campus, such as Tastes of the World, Cyber Italia and The Deli Bar, which serve red meat options.

Other universities such as Stirling have vowed to ban meat and dairy from campus and go entirely vegan.

Forcing everyone to go vegan won't stop the weather from affecting you. However, it will destroy your health, so at least you won't have to live on this planet for as long.

Fortunately for the faculty at this school, if the protests do turn violent it's easy enough to fight off a bunch of whiny vegan soy boys and girls!


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