Students demand removal of George Washington statue ... from the University of Washington ... in the state of Washington πŸ˜‘
Β· Feb 20, 2021 Β·

This kind of stuff makes me want to French kiss an angry Komodo dragon.

You can't make it up. I mean, you could make it up, but nobody would believe you.

Tell me this wouldn't have been a FIRE Babylon Bee headline just a few years ago:

Students At University Of Washington In State Of Washington Demand Removal Of Statue Of George Washington

This is real life tho.

The University of Washington's Black Student Union has garnered nearly 8,000 signatures on a petition that demands the school remove a statue of George Washington, the school's - and the state's - namesake.

Here's what the petition says about Mr. Washington:

REMOVE STATUES OF RACIST FIGURES. Statues in place at the University of Washington are preservers of our dark past. The George Washington statue, in particular, symbolizes a man who owned over 300 Black slaves and profited from their labor. This is not a history that should be glorified and celebrated as it perpetuates white supremacy and preserves its historical imposition. Thus, the George Washington Statue, along with all others that symbolize racist figures, should be removed from the University of Washington.

It's so funny, but at the same time, it's so sad. It makes me want to laugh hysterically, but at the same time it makes me want to sob uncontrollably.

What the actual heck.

Also, what happens if the students are successful in getting the Washington statue removed? Will they be happy? Of course not. The school is named after Washington, and so is the state. The Marxists want to completely obliterate America. Revolution. Full stop. Statues are just a convenient place to start.

Whether you're laughing or crying rn, you better stop giving in to these lunatics.

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