Superhero comic creator Alan Moore says adults who love superheroes are infantile fascists. 🤔
· Oct 11, 2022 ·

Alan Moore, who created the superhero comic books The Watchmen and V for Vendetta, thinks that comic books are for kids and adults who like them are proto-fascists.

If you're at all familiar with The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, or really any of Moore's work, you'll know that none of his comics are for children. They were all written for adults, so I guess that would make him the pied piper of infantile fascism.

But in fairness, let's let him explain:

"I said round about 2011 that I thought that it had serious and worrying implications for the future if millions of adults were queueing up to see ‘Batman' movies," Moore said. "Because that kind of infantilization – that urge towards simpler times, simpler realities – that can very often be a precursor to fascism.

"I didn't really think that superheroes were adult fare. I think that this was a misunderstanding born of what happened in the 1980s — to which I must put my hand up to a considerable share of the blame, though it was not intentional — when things like Watchmen were first appearing. There were an awful lot of headlines saying ‘Comics Have Grown Up'."

Moore continued, "I tend to think that, no, comics hadn't grown up. There were a few titles that were more adult than people were used to. But the majority of comics titles were pretty much the same as they'd ever been. It wasn't comics growing up. I think it was more comics meeting the emotional age of the audience coming the other way."

Moore's definition of fascism then is anything that points toward happier times, when things were simple, like childhood.

Here I always thought fascism was a centralized autocracy (strong federal government), forcible suppression of opposition (disarming, censoring, and prosecuting political rivals), subordination of individual rights and interests for a perceived common good (climate change, critical race theory, gender politics, etc.), and government allying with big business to suppress the population (big tech censorship, financial sanctions on political rivals, using private corporations to conduct warrantless surveillance, etc.).

I also thought infants were young humans that have underdeveloped brains, are incapable of future-thinking, cry a lot, and are incapable of living on their own without parental support.

He's right; the generation raised on comic book superhero movies grew up to be the fascist woke left!

Is it just a coincidence?

Who knows?

Moore says he has not seen a comic book movie since the original Batman with Michael Keaton in 1989... 33 years ago.

Which means he has no idea what he's talking about.

In regards to his own work, he somewhat famously hates anyone daring to make an adaption, but he doesn't own enough of the rights to stop them. He says,

100 million dollars – that's what they spent on the ‘Watchmen' film. Do we need any more [flowerbed] films in this world? We have quite enough already. Whereas the 100 million dollars could sort out the civil unrest in Haiti. And the books are always superior, anyway.

Moore hates them so much that he even refuses to accept his royalties from the movies, which means he's given up millions on principle.

I guess I have to respect that even if I can't quite connect the dots in his fascist-superhero conspiracy theory.

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