The Taliban is now riding in swan boats with rocket launchers (FOR REAL). Let me walk you through these insane photos.
· Sep 20, 2021 ·

I know the world is going to heck, but you have to stop once in awhile and appreciate the hilarious absurdity around us:

Yep, after riding bumper cars and the merry-go-round, the terrorist jihadis wanted a water outing (with men only, of course).

I love how the reporter had to assure people that these photos are real.

I can't blame him. If you had showed me this just 2 years ago, I would have called it an impressive photoshop... but the 2021 version of me knows better.

Look at these guys having the time of their lives:

I count at least two rifles (one guy in the boat on the left might be holding one as well).

The next photo is even better. You've got four guys packed in a little yellow duck/swan boat, two of them have what appear to be AKs, and one is hoisting a RPG launcher on his shoulder!

Look at him up there, like Captain Jack Sparrow hanging off the bow of his ship, looking to the horizon for the next adventure (or a Predator drone)!

This guy in the background also has a rifle:

This whole thing happened at Band-e Amir National Park in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday.

A few more photos:

Here were a few reactions on Twitter, because why not?

[Warning: Language]

What a literally insane time to be alive!

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