Target Announces New "Chest Binders" And "Packing Underwear" For Transgender Shoppers
· · May 9, 2022 ·

No big deal, just one of the largest retailers in the world selling clothing meant to de-gender people by binding women's chests and simulating men's genitals so women appear to be men.

It's no surprise that Target, the store that really started all of the transgender bathroom debate nearly a decade ago, would be featuring in their stores clothing meant to erase sexual categories from everyday life.

From Bustle, a woke, Park-Avenue fashion magazine:

The superstore, known for their quick-to-sell fashion collabs, has released two new collaborations ahead of Pride month, launching accessible, gender-affirming products for everybody and every body. What makes this collaboration different from every other rainbow-splattered product at your local dollar store? Target partnered with TomboyX and Humankind — two queer owned, female-founded brands — to create these much-needed lines.

Oh yes, it's not enough to slap a rainbow on something for "pride." The left and right both see how transparently ridiculous that is.

But for the left if something is "queer-owned" and "female-founded" then you've hit the jackpot.

The TomboyX collab features undergarments like compression tops — a comfortable alternative to chest binders —as well as packing underwear, bras, and boyshorts in size S-4X. Humankind's line, on the other hand, includes various swimsuit styles, such as swim trunks, tops, and unisuits. As binders and gender-affirming swimsuits are notoriously difficult to find (particularly in extended sizes), this accessible drop will make shopping for everyday garments much easier.

The products being sold are absolutely ridiculous and completely dangerous for kids.

"Packing underwear" means underwear that allows women to place... different objects in a pocket to make it appear as if they have male genitals. And chest binders hide a girl's breasts.

TomboyX makes activewear including a compression top that's actually just a more comfortable and more consumer-friendly chest-binder.


These clothes, targeted at young girls, are meant to bind and hide girls breasts so they do not develop properly.

It's damaging and mutilating young girls, like foot binding, and it's now available at your local Target store. Girls can buy this in-store without parental knowledge.

Thank you Target for being so woke.

Then we have the brand "Humankind," which is also meant to promote sexlessness in society:

This is a sad and disgusting perversion.

In the minds of the trans activists intent on queering all the kids, this is a great opportunity to continue to hide these grooming behaviors from parents.

The Daily Wire's Megan Basham had some thoughts:

A great victory for queerness from one of our nation's top retailers.

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