Target's trans clothing line they're pushing on kids? Yeah, that was designed by an avowed Satanist. Shocker.
· May 22, 2023 ·

Those conservatives sure did overreact when they tried to boycott Target because of their trans bathroom policy several years ago! What an overreaction! It's not like that was ever going to turn into anything more like trans-ing kids and babies.

It's not like they're going to start worshipping Satan or anything.




Yes, here's the guy Target sought out to design their latest Pride clothing line.

While some are shocked that Target would team up with an avowed Satanist, it shouldn't be that surprising.

Honestly, who better to ask than a servant of the Father of Pride himself, Satan?

Scarlett Johnson of Mom's for Liberty Wisconsin has done a lot of work in documenting Target's push for transgenderism for kids and this partnership is maybe the most disturbing.

Here are a few of the designs by this Satanist dude, some he sells personally, others for sale at your local Target, and I'm gonna go ahead and warn you they're disturbing:

Yeah, those conservatives who have been boycotting Target for years were right all along.

This has pushed me over the edge.

I don't understand how any Christian can knowingly support this satanic company.

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