Taylor Lorenz interviewed Chaya Raichik from Libs of TikTok and I don't know what's funnier, Taylor's mask or Chaya's shirt! Check out these clips
· Feb 24, 2024 · NottheBee.com

In the words of Ben Shapiro: "Okay, this is epic."

Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post interviewed Chaya Raichik, the woman behind the famed Libs of TikTok account who was doxxed by Lorenz herself, and the interview went, well, it went about as well as you could expect.

It was conducted outside on the street and Lorenz showed up, to an outdoor interview in February of 2024, in sunny LA, with a mask on. But it wasn't Taylor's outfit that stole the show.

Check out Chaya's shirt:

Yes, this t-shirt is a screenshot of Taylor Lorenz's infamous episode where she cried on camera complaining about online bullying. The lady who doxxed LOTT.

The two went back and forth in this interview and here are a few of the exchanges.

Lorenz tries to tie Chaya to white nationalism, radicalism, and endangering people because her whole schtick is to re-post public videos from liberals on her timeline.

Lorenz has no answer for her followers being just as radical and hateful. She doesn't seem to think they can be compared.

Lorenz asked about "book bans" and admitted she hadn't read any of the books Chaya and other conservatives speak out against. So Chaya showed her some of the books.

Lorenz was shocked, but wouldn't condemn the pornographic books.

[Graphic warning]

I went to public school, and in public school, when I was growing up ... I grew up in the nineties when HIV and AIDS was a big thing ...

(She's really old, btw. But she's scrubbed that from the web.)

She's not sure about pornography in school but she would "defer that question to a qualified professional."

Yeah ... that's sort of the problem. Parents have given the "professionals" complete reigns of their kids' education and now those "professionals" are giving kids pictures of gay sex and promoting things like pornography education.

Here's a longer clip all about transgenderism.

Lorenz: And what harm is it causing?

Chaya: I like truth. I like truth ... We are a nation of truth and I seek the truth ... the harm is there is a lie that is very mainstream and is embedded into every institution.

If you can't see the harm that radical transgenderism is doing to society ... I don't know what to tell you. Open your eyes!

Needless to say, I don't think Lorenz walked away with a new perspective. But I think Chaya walked away winning this interview.

You can watch the entire thing here:

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