"Parents Are Not Entitled To Know Their Kids’ Identities": Wisconsin Teachers Trained To Hide Children's LGBT Affiliation From Parents
· Mar 15, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Welp, there it is.

It's been the policy in some states, and it's being told to teachers everywhere that they and the school are responsible for the wellbeing of children over and above the wishes of parents.

In Wisconsin, teachers are being trained to hide children's "preferred gender", aka the gender that the child chooses that's not his or her true gender.

This is the explicit woke training that teachers are going through.

From National Review:

The training sessions were held in late February, hosted by diversity and multiculturalism staffers from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. The training was first reported by the conservative media group Empower Wisconsin, and by Parents Defending Education, a national nonprofit that fights classroom indoctrination and activists agendas in schools.

One of the slides in the training session reads, "Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids' identities. That knowledge must be earned. Teachers are often straddling this complex situation. In ECASD, our priority is supporting the student."

As part of the discussion on the topic, Chris Jorgenson, director of UW Eau Claire's Gender & Sexuality Research Center, said that "teachers are often put in terrible positions caught between parents and their students. But much like we wouldn't act as stand-ins for abuse in other circumstances, we cannot let parents' rejection of their children guide teachers' reactions and actions and advocacy for our students."

If any adult is complicit in hiding something about a child from a parent, especially of an intimate and sexual nature, that person is a groomer and should be nowhere near children.

But this is what teachers are being trained to do. They are told parents have to "earn" the right to know how their child identifies.

This is creating an intense adversarial relationship between kids and parents, teachers and parents, and the government and parents. The parents are the enemies in this scenario, because they may not "accept" that their child has been indoctrinated into a perverse sexual LGBTQ cult.

They are explicitly calling on teachers to assume that parents are "abusers" if they disagree with the state's preferred sexual politics.

Pure evil.

In a letter to school board candidates posted by Parents Defending Education, an alleged former Eau Claire teacher wrote about walking out of the trainings and being "more ashamed to be a teacher than I ever have been in my many years in the profession." The teacher, whose name was not released, reported being "shut down" after questioning a portion of the training.

"My breaking point this year was when I had a female student tell a guidance counselor that she now wanted to go by a boy's name," the teacher wrote. "There were THIRTY other staff members that were included on that email, and we were told to not tell the parents. Act like nothing happened if we needed to contact home. Could you imagine being a parent and finding out that thirty teachers are calling your girl a boy's name and you knew nothing about it? I would be beside myself. That is a major decision for a 14 year old to make! For parents to not be a part of it is mind-blowing."

Out of 30 teachers and school administrators, only one was brave enough to speak out against this absolute breach of trust with parents. A 14-year-old girl decided she's a boy and the school went out of their way to make sure that it was hidden from parents.

And nobody saw a problem with it?

But there's no apology and no change of heart from the Left, even after their deception was exposed.

In a statement to Empower Wisconsin, superintendent Michael Johnson offered no such apology, and said the district "prides itself on being a school district that makes all students feel welcome and safe in our schools."

The hosts of the safe spaces training told participants that they should expect to feel "cathartic discomfort" during the session, which included lessons on misgendering, sex orientation laws, deadnaming, and the evolution of "identity and language." At one point, they discussed a so-called "Genderbread Person," a drawing of a gingerbread man that demonstrates the differences between gender identity, gender expression, biological sex, and romantic and sexual attraction.

Dang Yang, director of multicultural affairs at UW Eau Claire, ended the safe spaces training by telling the teachers "intentionality and action are always hallmarks of what we always want to walk away with. … We also want to encourage you to go out there, to vote, to demonstrate, to protest, to listen, to intervene, and above all else, of course, to love. Love is love is love is love."

Grooming and sexual indoctrination, all in the name of inclusion!

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