Union boss Randi Weingarten thinks she knows why people are homeschooling now and she's being ratioed for her trouble ๐Ÿ’€
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Randi Weingarten, boss of the American Federation of Teachers, had the absolute audacity to share THIS on Twitter Monday morning:

Screenshot if she deletes it:

21 total likes on 210,000 views is absolutely perfect!

At this point, the number of shares is at 459, mostly quoting Weingarten to ridicule her.

Who could possibly be behind this uptick in homeschooling, Randi???

A few points from that Axios article she shared (be warned, Axios has REALLY gone downhill lately):

There are a wide variety of reasons why families are choosing to try homeschooling and stick with it, from political and religious reasons to avoiding unsafe situations.

  • "The initial set of folks who came to homeschooling during the pandemic largely did so because 'Zoom school' was a complete and total failure for them and their families," Jen Garrison Stuber, advocacy chair for the Washington Homeschool Organization, told Axios.

Okay, nothing controversial there, just OH WAIT, RACISM AND TRANSPHOBIA:

  • There are Black families who say they turned to homeschooling in order to keep their kids away from the school-to-prison pipeline, Stuber said.
  • Families of color and those with religious affiliations seeking to avoid bullying and racism.
  • There are also families who pull their trans kids out of school to avoid an unhealthy situation where they feel threatened, Stuber said.

Then there's this quote, where I wonder what type of person the writer was thinking about:

Homeschooling can prevent children from learning about and being exposed to other kids from different backgrounds...

Axios also mentions school shootings as a reason.

So, that's it.

It's just the frustrations of Zoom, racism and transphobia, safety, and "those with religious affiliations" avoiding bullying.

"THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO SEE HERE," Axios practically screams (and Randi by extension). "WE HAVE EXPLAINED ALL THE REASONS.

What else could there be?









And the quote tweets:

This woman has zero self-awareness. Perhaps negative self-awareness!

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