"That's not good enough!" Space Force colonel demands everyone use preferred pronouns
ยท Mar 1, 2024 ยท NottheBee.com

Is there anyone who doesn't think we're a global embarrassment at this point?

This gentleman who likes to parade around dressed as a girl, doesn't seem to think we've embarrassed ourselves quite enough yet.

This is Bree Fram who is an active duty Lt. Colonel and engineer with the US Space Force. He uses "she/her" pronouns and he thinks that everyone should know it. It's all over his website.

All too often, I hear leaders talking about providing everyone with dignity and respect like it's an aspirational goal. That's not good enough! Dignity and respect is the bare minimum. It's the floor of where we can be.

You know, contrary to popular opinion, dignity and respect is not a birthright. Sure, there's a baseline dignity and respect for being a human being, but once you become undignified and lose people's respect, that's on you.

And maybe there's something about wearing ladies' clothes that, for a man, is undignified and not worthy of respect.

This fella goes on.

We must focus on intentional inclusivity. Because there are far too many people out there, not just LGBTQ individuals, that feel marginalized, shut out, and discriminated against.

In the military?

Are you talking about young conservative men who have been told from the top that they have "white rage"? Or maybe it's the thousands of rural American military members who were purged because they didn't want the experimental jab?

Because if you're LGBTQ or a person of color all I've seen the military do is bow at your feet.

The New Flag of the American Global Empire

White, Christian men are the only group legitimately discriminated against in our military and other institutions. But something tells me that Col. Fram isn't worried about that discrimination.

I ask you to set out your symbols of pride, share your pronouns in your email - particularly if you're a person who doesn't think they need to - initiate difficult conversations about racial and gender barriers and share a bit of your vulnerability in a way that draws others in.

This is our military. This is our leadership.

I'm sure Putin and Xi are shaking in their boots.

Shaking from laughter.

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