The Biden Administration is doubling down on calls to use federal land to provide abortions because I guess it really wants to start civil war
· · Jun 29, 2022 ·

Boy, the evil within the Left has sure made its presence felt this week, hasn't it?

These people are really upset, and it's super awkward if you ask me.

Like, the hill the Left is going to die on here is the right to electively murder an unborn child.


However, if you're a Democratic leader in America, it's your job to cater to these demons.

So what is our administration looking to do?

"An act of civil war," indeed.

States' rights matter—especially when it comes to the murder of innocent life.

But here's Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra claiming that the Biden Administration is considering the curtailing of states' rights on the abortion issue.

"How about the suggestion that's been floated by Senator Elizabeth Warren about carving out federal lands for abortion providers? Is that possible?"

"There are a number of conversations on any number of options that can be out there. We will certainly take a close look as we made a commitment some time ago—months ago—as we were planning for whatever might come from the Supreme Court. We will take a look at every option to make sure a woman has access to the care that she needs."

"Have you looked at that one?"

"Yeah, all those things have been put on the table."

So I know we told you earlier about this federal land idea coming from the Left, but I never thought it would actually make its way into the highest levels of our government.

And honestly, if you want to have a real fight with the Right, you should try opening up federal lands in our states to kill our babies.

Because that's not how our Constitution works, and we won't back down.

Some states have laws against baby murder, and some don't.

If you want to murder your baby, go to a hellscape like California, they'll help you out.

Just don't do it in my state.

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