The Canadian truckers reached Ottawa, had an absolutely banging party on Parliament Hill, and have zero plans to leave until Justin Trudeau faces them like a man
· Jan 31, 2022 ·

The Canadian truck convoy finally reached the nation's capital over the weekend, and hoo dang was that a sight to see:

The energy in Ottawa was off the freaking charts, with Canadians from all backgrounds gathered to celebrate freedom and demand an end to the tyrannical Covid mandates:

[Warning: Salty Signs About Justin Trudeau]

After being locked down and masked up for two years, the convoy decided they were done following the rules.

Of course, mainstream media either ignored or condemned the protest, but you can't really blame them since they are all a bunch of insufferable clowns.

Meanwhile, some of the city's more precious snowflakes were reportedly angry at all the sounds of happiness and freedom after two years of living in a silent wasteland devoid of the sounds of human life.

* * *

When they were done with the first night of protests, the trucker convoy immediately did what the leftists normally do and smashed a ton of statues and destroyed the downtown area.

Oh, wait, nope! Instead, they picked up trash and cleaned the statues.


Anyway, the truckers say they aren't leaving until Justin Trudeau comes out of hiding, resigns, and renounces all his mandates that have abused the nation's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If anyone has seen Justin, tell him to stop hiding like a little baby!

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