The Clowns At The LA Times Are Working Overtime To Undermine Larry Elder In His Bid To Replace Gavin Newsom. Check Out These Dishonest Headlines From The Los Angeles Paper.
· · Sep 10, 2021 ·

The Los Angeles Times is working overtime to undermine the candidacy of Larry Elder, the black conservative radio host who is running to replace Gavin Newsom as California's governor.

You'll remember a few weeks ago, the LA Times dubbed Larry Elder as "The Black Face of White Supremacy."

After this written attack on Elder, basically calling the Sage of South Central a race traitor, there was a physical assault on Elder this week where a woman WITH A GORILLA MASK ON attacked Larry Elder and his team, throwing eggs at him, in an obviously racist attack.

So, how did the Los Angeles Times cover this obviously racist and violent attack?

You'll be shocked to learn that the paper that called Elder a white supremacist wasn't exactly friendly or sympathetic to the talk show host in their coverage.

Here are two headlines from the paper:

A black conservative suffers a violent racist attack and the leftwing media dubs it a "hostile reception". A hostile reception is when someone boos you, or maybe flips you off. Not when someone does something this clearly racist like dressing like a monkey and attacking Elder in his team.

I know, we get tired of saying this but imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. If someone did this to Barrack Obama it would be on national news for weeks, the lady would be in jail, it would be put in history textbooks.

But with Elder it's a "hostile reception".

But this wasn't the only coverage of the story from the LA Times. Here's another headline.

Do you see the problem here? One twitter user saw both these headlines and captured exactly what was going on over at the LA Times.

They headline it "violent altercation" and then with the picture they frame it as if ELDER is the person in the wrong. He's touching a supporter on the face and the LA Times, trusting you won't click through to the story, wants you to believe that Larry Elder got into a fight with a woman. It's totally insane and dishonest.

I mean, if you do a story about a violent "altercation" maybe use a photo from the event itself. Not some random out-of-context picture.

The person in the photo commented on the Times post. She explains the context of the picture. But Twitter hid her replies under the "may contain offensive content" tab.

Maddening indeed.

I guess with Gavin Newsom's horrible record as governor and stories like the one yesterday about Newsom's wife covering up sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein, the media has to work extra hard to destroy Newsom's biggest threat.

Hopefully, this will backfire big time and result in an Elder victory next week.

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