The "Experts" At PolitiFact Are Here To Explain Why Talking To Kids About Sex Isn't Really Grooming
· · May 12, 2022 ·

The totally reliable expert fact-checkers over at PolitiFact are here to assuage all your fears and assure you that teachers talking to your young children about sex and sexuality aren't groomers.


So the description is correct. It is grooming to sexually abuse a child. And it is also grooming to talk about sex with children and desensitize them to sex.

But this is a fact-check, so these heroes are here to tell us why the second description, the one that's happening now, is not "technically" grooming.

Here's the summary of the article from PolitiFact:

Point one is established.

Point two, they're talking about lack of intent to abuse. But the simple fact is that discussing sex with children, especially LGBT issues, shatters innocence and is a form of non-physical abuse.

Kids do not need to be exposed to this nonsense.

The third point asserts that this grooming doesn't result in more LGBT-identifying children. We will get to that in a moment.

Let's look at what the supposed experts have to say.

"If we're just talking to kids about gender identity and sexual orientation and issues like that, we're not doing it with the goal of eventually sexually abusing a child," said Victor Vieth, chief program officer for education and research for Zero Abuse Project. "In fact, the goal may be to prevent sexual abuse because we know that children in the LGBTQIA+ community are at higher risk to be abused for a wide variety of reasons."

The goal may not be to sexually abuse particular children. However, as Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire contends, it is creating the conditions in which abuse can take place.

Opening children to the world of sexuality is grooming them into a lifestyle that values sex and sexuality as an identity. This is done by teachers, often without parents' consent.

Experts said they were not aware of any research or evidence that increased exposure to topics such as gender and sexuality makes people more likely to join the LGBTQ community. Instead, they said, it is likely an environment of increased acceptance allows children to more safely and openly think about, question and discuss their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Exposure to these topics "does not change the way people develop," said the University of Minnesota's McGuire, who studies family relationships and gender identity and the health of transgender youth.

"It changes how they feel about how they develop," McGuire said. "Accepting parents don't change whether or not their kid is trans — they change whether or not their kid hates themselves and gets kicked out of the house for being trans. The kid's transness is there regardless."

Okay, so this is just a lie.

When experts say "no research exists" or they aren't "aware of any research" that just means that it hasn't been looked into, not that the claim is false.

I could say there's no research that shows I wear brown shoes on Thursday, but that doesn't make the claim false.

This is just fallacious reasoning.

There's so much utter crap in this fact-check.

Ben Shapiro, who's overly cautious about the "groomer" word himself, had some quality commentary on this article by PolitiFact.

[Language Warning]



The number of LGBT individuals has gone from 0.8% to 21%!

That's not an accident. Kids are being told the best thing you can be is a victim, and if you're a sexual minority then that makes you a victim.

They are being groomed into a sexually perverted culture by social media and now teachers as well.

If you have ANY doubt this is happening just look at the Libs of TikTok page on here or Twitter.

Teachers are talking to kids about their sexuality and recruiting them in to the LGBT lifestyle behind their parents back.

That's grooming.

James Lindsay at New Discourses has been at the forefront of exposing "Groomer Schools" for a long time now.

He explains perfectly what's happening and what PolitiFact is missing, or hiding.










The last couple of tweets link to his podcasts on Groomer Schools, it's hours of stuff but I've listened to it and I think concerned parents need to do so as well.

Thankfully, PolitiFact is getting ratio'd to heck and back for this awful take.

Here's The Bee's Joel Berry with a perfect response:

And other responses that just shame PolitiFact even more.




It's only grooming if the people we don't like are doing it! If it's lefties training little Marxist revolutionaries it's totally fine to talk to kids about sex.

How about we just don't sexualize kids, for ANY reason, political or otherwise.

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