The former doctor for Obama and Trump continues to demand that Biden take a cognitive test after Joe struggled with a basic question over the weekend

Jul 6th

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician to presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has repeatedly said he has concerns about Biden's mental state.

After Biden tripped on the stairs to Air Force One this spring, he continued asserting that Joe is not doing well:

Now, the doctor (who is also a GOP congressman serving Texas) is continuing to demand that Biden take a cognitive test similar to the one Trump took while in office, warning "there's something concerning happening" with the president's cognition.

"You don't need to be a physician to look at this behavior and see there's something concerning happening," Jackson said. "You can go back – there's forty years of tape of this man – he's always made gaffes and stuff but these are different, he's confused; he's disoriented."

"We all know people who are 100-years old who basically are as sharp as a tack, and we know people who are in their mid-60's that are having some cognitive difficulties… and I think he's on that end of the spectrum," Jackson continued. "He's just not aging gracefully at this point. I'm just asking them, when you do the physical exam, include the cognitive assessment. As far as I'm concerned the standard precedent has been set and they need to follow and do the same."

As noted above, Jackson is a Republican congressman, so there's obviously a political angle to this.

That being said, there's two important points to remember:

  1. You have never served as the personal physician to the President of the United States, while Jackson has served two.
  2. Biden routinely does stuff like this:

If you can watch that clip and think Joe Biden is a spring chicken with the mental fortitude necessary to lead America's armed forces, hold powerful dictators to account, and solve complex social problems at home, may God bless you for your spectacular level of naivety!

Biden promised on the campaign trail that the American people would be able to judge his fitness for themselves:

Jackson has also had harsh words for Biden as the president relies on diagrams of pre-selected reporters and notes at press briefings while still struggling to answer questions.

It's okay though: The media will give us the transparency we need on the mental state of the most powerful man on the planet by thoroughly reporting on his latest ice cream excursion!!

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