The Left is crying foul as the SAME grand jury that indicted Trump on RICO charges also indicts 61 Antifa members on RICO charges
ยท Sep 6, 2023 ยท

We all remember the Georgian grand jury that indicted Trump; the one led by this overly excited young forewoman:

Here are a few random reactions of the Right to her enthusiasm about the Trump case.

And as we all know, that young lady and her grand jury did indict Donald Trump and several people associated with him on several charges, including RICO charges.

RICO charges include racketeering and other organized crime.

You might think that would make her a hero in the eyes of the Left, but then this same grand jury went and did the unthinkable.

They indicted 61 members of Antifa on the same RICO charges as Donald Trump and his posse.

The Antifa group in question were the activists opposing the construction of what's come to be known as Cop City.

The "opposition" included fun things like trying to burn down the city.

The organized crime aspect of the Antifa charges includes running a bail mill for other defendants, planned assassination of a police officer, creating a lawless autonomous zone full of booby traps to keep police out, targeting property for destruction, and organized violence.

It all sounds a lot more like organized crime worthy of RICO charges than arresting a group of Republicans because Donald Trump called the governor and asked him to find some more votes, but what do I know?

The Left is losing their minds about the Antifa charges, and their comments sound oddly familiar:

Of course, the circumstances of the charges are much different: one made a phone call about the election, the other organized a terrorist attack on the police and the city of Atlanta.

How does a nation even move forward when there's this much disconnect about what should be prosecuted and what shouldn't be?

And what of the now famous forewoman of the Georgian grand jury?

Will her indictment of Donald Trump shield her from becoming an Antifa target?

Or will she be hunted by both sides?

I'll be praying for her safety in the tumultuous times ahead.

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