Mad Lad Matt Walsh Planned To Show Up To A Loudon County School Board Meeting To Protest Their Transgender Policy. The School Board Changed The Rules So Only Residents Could Speak. So, Obviously, Walsh Now Rents A House In Virginia.
· Sep 25, 2021 ·

Matt Walsh may be one of the most vocal and consistent leaders in the conservative movement right now. He is unflinching in his quest to cause controversy and trend on Twitter by saying imminently obvious things.

Walsh goes beyond the confines of the internet world, however, and has found himself in the middle of a few real-world public school battles in the last several months.

You may remember his speech at a Nashville school board meeting opposing mask mandates, and the ensuing controversy it caused.

Well, earlier this month, another school, this time in Loudon County, Virginia has gotten the attention of troubled conservative parents, including Matt Walsh.

Walsh made this statement on Twitter after the very liberal Loudon County school board implemented an insane pro-transgender policy that would allow kids to use whatever locker room or restroom they choose, according to their stated gender.

In response, Walsh stated his intention to travel to Virginia and lead a protest against the policy:

Now, in order to stop Walsh and other conservatives from speaking at the meeting, the Loudon County school board has changed its rules.

Now you have to be a legal resident of Loudon county in order to speak at the school board meeting.

So, that should put an end to Walsh's plans.



Walsh had another card up his sleeve.

This absolute mad lad did it. He has gone out and rented a house in Loudon County. He will have a lease in hand. He will show up to the school board meeting as a legal resident and demand to speak.

THIS is going on the offense. This is what conservatives need to do.

Lead the way Matt, and Godspeed.

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