Notorious Asian jumping worms are invading California and yes, they can indeed launch a foot in the freakin' air
· · Jun 8, 2022 ·

Thankfully, owing to our immense ocean buffers and considerable landmass, the United States has not been host to a full-scale enemy invasion since the War of 1812.

Unless you count... the worms:

Gardeners beware -- the invasive Amynthas agrestis, also known as the Asian jumping worm, could be wiggling around a garden near you. These worms are known for their insatiable appetite and ability to jump a foot in the air. Yes, you read that right.

"True to their name, they jump and thrash immediately when handled, behaving more like a threatened snake than a worm, sometimes even breaking and shedding their tail when caught," said the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) in a report, adding that they have been known to jump off the ground or out of bait cans.

"...they have been known to jump off the ground or out of bait cans."

That's...not good. If they figure out how to bust out of bait cans, we've pretty much lost the one way we know to truly contain worms.

And just in case you were unconvinced, yes, these suckers really do, like, jump:

Just look at them go!

(Maybe the jumping Asian carp can eat the jumping Asian worms)

The humans seem incapable of waging this war on our own. We may need to strike up a critical cross-species alliance with the birds and the moles.

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