The New York Post said Leo DiCaprio was “unrecognizable” in his new movie role. He is actually super identifiable. And so the memes flowed...
· · May 11, 2021 ·

On Monday evening, The New York Post thought it would feature a new Martin Scorsese film called "Killers of the Flower Moon."

In a new photo from the film, the Post called actor Leonardo DiCaprio "unrecognizable" in his role as Oklahoma rancher Ernest Burkhart:

The problem with this, of course, is that DiCaprio looks 100% like Leo DiCaprio in the photos. Extremely recognizable. Like, "Hey, there's Leo DiCaprio."

He isn't wearing metal over his face like he did in "The Man in The Iron Mask." He isn't animated, he isn't playing an alien creature, he hasn't been aged, and he hasn't lost or gained a significant amount of weight for the role.

In their writeup, the Post called DiCaprio "notably plain-looking" as a qualifier for his depiction being "unrecognizable."

The merciless internet was not kind regarding their word choice. Oh no, my friends. What followed was a barrage of memes that ratioed the poor story and sent Leonardo's name trending on Twitter.

Here were some choice picks from the hilarity:

I've got to say, it takes a lot these days to unify polar political opposites in the media world, but the Post did it. They really did it:

If you had any trouble figuring out where DiCaprio was in that photo, he is the one on the right. You're welcome!


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