The Pope promotes full Wokeism in new book: compares Trump rallies to Hitler's and criticizes conservatives who stood against BLM insanity and lockdowns

Nov 24th

Wokeism is a religious cult, everyone.

What's the absolute worst about this cult is that many people use Jesus to legitimize it, twisting him into whatever shape they need to justify their off-the-flipping-rails ideology. Instead of looking at the biblical text and parsing application out of proper exegesis, it's become fashionable to make Jesus into your own image.

Are you a Marxist? Just take Jesus' teachings about the rich and completely negate the Bible's teachings on property, work, and individual rights!

Are you a hipster evangelical? Just take Jesus' teachings about God's love and forget God's righteous judgement as you adopt every heretical stance the culture around you tells you to take!

Are you sold out for the LGBTQ+ movement? Just take the sacrament of baptism, meant to signal your death to this world and resurrection in Christ, and baptize your kid into the world of transgenderism!

The cult of Wokeism has a million little idols they call "Jesus," each more disturbing and disfigured than the last.

Pope Francis, who is supposed to be the head of the Catholic Church, is becoming committed to the precepts of Wokeism by the day. A few weeks ago, he endorsed same-sex civil unions and called for wealth redistribution. Let's not also forget that this is the man who basically called COVID a judgment from nature for our climate sins and has been spewing ignorant, politically blinded naiveté for years.

If you thought Luther had harsh words for Pope Leo X, hoo boy I'd love to see him address Francis!

This time, Francis has criticised conservatives for a number of things, starting by comparing anyone who went to a Trump rally to Nazis.

While he doesn't mention Trump by name, it's clear the pontiff is taking aim at the U.S. in his book "Let Us Dream," taking about "populist" leaders and "imagined enemies."

"Today, listening to some of the populist leaders we now have, I am reminded of the 1930s, when some democracies collapsed into dictatorships seemingly overnight," writes Francis. "We see it happening again now in rallies where populist leaders excite and harangue crowds, channeling their resentments and hatreds against imagined enemies to distract from the real problems."

Ah, yes, Trump is simply channeling resentments and distracting from real problems. Do you all remember those conservative leaders who stirred up racial tensions and covetousness and jealousy and let cities burn in order to gain political power? Do you all remember how right-wing media gaslit and lied and doxxed and pushed a narrative that their political enemies are literally Hitler? Do you all remember how Trump distracted us from all the real problems by exposing political corruption, appointing pro-life judges to address the sin of 60+ million aborted American babies, brokering peace in the Middle East, lowering taxes, and strengthening the rights of free speech, self defense, and religious liberty?

Francis, methinks you have conservatives and their movements confused with the Left.

I guess I'm a Nazi?

The pope also took aim at conservative Catholics for not supporting the BLM protests, building on the stereotype that conservatives don't care about social causes. While he did not explicitly endorse BLM, he mentions George Floyd in his book:

"You'll never find such people protesting the death of George Floyd, or joining a demonstration because there are shantytowns where children lack water or education," he said.

To the contrary, American Catholics (and Americans in general) give more of their hard-earned money to charity than any other nation. They just don't feel the need to destroy and kill and loot to enact their "charity." They don't just protest, they do, as James 2 teaches. I have prayed outside abortion clinics with many, worked with others on international missions projects to stop sex trafficking and preventable water diseases, seen others protect the rights of girls being forcibly wed to their rapists in Pakistan, and seen their churches, like many, provide for all the people in their community that slip through the cracks of the public welfare system. It seems to me that the pope has no idea what the majority of the Global Church is doing, how the Spirit of God is moving, or how millions of believers are working tirelessly for true justice and reconciliation.

Then again, that doesn't surprise me in the least.

Francis also saw fit to slam anyone who protested lockdowns, because in his socialist mind, there could never be a government that abuses crises for power.

"[These people act] as if measures that governments must impose for the good of their people constitute some kind of political assault on autonomy or personal freedom!" said Francis.

I guess I've been such an idiot, watching government leaders go mad with power as depression skyrockets, businesses fold left and right, addiction and abuse run rampant, and an entire generation of children (especially girls) lose out on education around the world. The quote is that absolute power tends to purify absolutely, right?

I will give Francis one credit: in his book he denounces violence, looting, and the desecration of statues. As he increasingly adopts and teaches the precepts of Wokeism, however, I have to wonder how long such stances will last.


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