The recent trans ‘Jeopardy!’ champ was just robbed at gunpoint in Oakland and I have some thoughts
· Jan 5, 2022 ·

California is really turning into such a wonderful apocalyptic wasteland:

This is absolutely horrible.

Reigning "Jeopardy!" champion Amy Schneider was robbed at gunpoint over New Year's weekend in Oakland, California.

Schneider, an Oakland resident, tweeted about the robbery to her 52,000 followers, saying she [sic] was shaken up but otherwise OK.

Oakland police said in a statement they were still investigating the armed robbery that occurred Sunday afternoon and had not yet made any arrests.

Amazingly, because I don't have the cognitive dissonance of a woke cultist, I can put "sic" after quotes calling this gender-dysphoric man a woman (because I care deeply about the erasure of women), and yet I can also believe that robbing people at gunpoint is very wrong.

Somewhere, I can hear a woke head exploding, because in their worldview, maligning pronouns is a sin worse than pointing guns at people (well, depending on the color of one's skin).

I apologize for any spontaneous combustion that occurs across the land.

With that out of the way, let's focus on the issue at hand:

Criminals don't care about your pronouns or what you identify as.

You can be woker-than-woke, give all your money to stop climate change, get vaxxed every week, and loudly tell people what indigenous land they are currently occupying, and criminals won't care. All they see are increasing opportunities from easy marks, and people who ignore biology, facts, data, and all-around objective moral truth are easy marks. Instead of making society safer for individuals like Schneider, Wokeism's affirmations of delusions and falsehoods actually make it markedly more dangerous.

I'm glad that Schneider is okay. I truly am. He seems like a very intelligent and kind person.

But the less attached to reality we make our culture and institutions, the weaker and less able they are to respond to criminals – whether they are on the streets of Oakland, in the halls of Beijing, or in the Oval Office!

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