Shameless lefties at The Daily Beast are using the death of South Dakota Gov's grandma to mock her for not being a tyrant

Dec 2nd

This is just shameless. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem lost her 98-year-old grandmother on Monday. So what do the class acts at The Daily Beast do? They take this opportunity to blame the Governor for her grandmother's death (and everyone else's) and to ridicule her for not imposing mask mandates.

Noem's grandmother did not test positive for Covid-19, but according to the soulless journalists at The Daily Beast, it's still basically Noem's fault that she died. And it's definitely her fault that 12 other people died in the same nursing home due to "COVID-related" causes.

Because even though the nursing home has willingly taken every precaution, an asymptomatic staff member brought the virus in, "presumably having caught it in the realm where masks are not required and where Noem has allowed people to gather in crowds as large as a quarter-million at a bike rally."

That word "presumably" is carrying a lot of water for the writers at The Daily Beast.

And even though Noem posted this touching tribute to her grandmother,

That just wasn't good enough for the Beast, she should have done a touching tribute to the 12 other people who died at the nursing home too:

For Noem to have mentioned the dozen other dead would have raised the specter of the virus that killed them even as she was continuing to claim that she had brought it under control by invoking personal responsibility rather than mandating a vital precaution—a face mask—that is as simple and unimposing as wearing a seatbelt.

They even called her "outwardly indifferent to the COVID-19 deaths."

Yes, if only she had forced everyone to wear a facemask, no one would have gotten Covid! Just like all the other states that have mandated masks have found that the virus disappears overnight!

Oh, wait. No. It still spreads even where there is a mask mandate.

And listen, that's not to say masks don't help. They should be recommended. But I'm with Noem on this one, it is not the government's role to force people to wear them. It's a gross overreach.

Heroically, Noem has proven to be one of the few governors who doesn't treat the people of her state like children. In a tweet back in July, Noem famously said:

"I've always taken #COVID19 very seriously, but South Dakota trusted our citizens to exercise their personal responsibility to keep themselves and their loved-ones safe."

Not good enough!

If you REALLY cared about people, you would take their rights away, Kristi!

Man, what a bunch of jerks, bludgeoning this woman with the death of her grandmother because she actually respects the rights of her citizens. Disgusting.

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