The Slate article is the most insane thing you will see on the internet today

Sep 25th

Next-level, foam-at-the-mouth, GUANO CRAZY stuff here.

Everything we've come to expect from left-of-Lenin Slate.

They published a reader question which you see in the picture and it's a beautifully horrific microcosm of the insanity of Leftism.

Just look at that headline. "My daughter wants to wear pink dresses ... where did we mess up?" Can it get any more insane than that?

Well let's just cannonball right into it with frequent interruptions from yours truly:

My husband and I have a frequent disagreement on our 3-year-old and her love for dresses and all things pink! For the first two years of her life, she was constantly mistaken for a boy because she wore gender-neutral clothes.

Look at that. This chick is super distressed because her daughter likes dresses. And the color pink. And she can't contain the joy she felt when her daughter was "constantly mistaken for a boy" during her first two years of life. WHAT THE HECK! This lady is explicitly raising her daughter to be anything but what she is ... a little girl.

We direct her towards books and other media that do not represent traditional gender roles (no sparkle princesses!).

Sparkling princesses ... THE HORROR!

We ask friends and family to refrain from commenting on her appearance and clothing, if they can help it, and to instead focus on skills or interests.

Aaand they all think you're a psycho.

However, our daughter adores the color pink, insists on wearing dresses, and is currently obsessed with accessories. I am fine with this, though I hope it will be a phase.

OH YEAH SURE YOU'RE FINE WITH IT LADY. Which is why you wrote this insane question to Slate. Self-awareness level coming in a solid zero.

After a few battles about wearing her sole pink dress when it was dirty, my daughter and I did some online shopping together and she chose a few more dresses to order (all of them were pink, obviously). My husband is unhappy that I encouraged her obsession by purchasing the dresses and letting her wear some of my old jewelry.

Your husband is a soy boy neckbeard weakling.

He gets annoyed when dresses get tangled while climbing a rock or running and says that dresses and accessories aren't suitable for doing most things. I appreciate his commitment to raising our daughter without gender stereotypes, but I also want to encourage her to make her own choices.

Oh suuuuure you do, lady.

I feel like if we push back too hard on her love for dresses and jewelry, it will backfire, and she will only become more obsessed! Help!


This is where we are now as a society, folks. A lady has a three-year-old girl who acts like a three-year-old girl and that so freaks her out that she writes a frantic HELP! letter to Slate.

The hard Left is so into performative wokeness that they sacrifice their own children on that altar. They raise them with daily nudges toward homosexuality and/or transgenderism. It makes them (the parents) feel more progressive. It's child abuse, really.

The reply from Slate is a little less batty (but still guano) but we won't get into it because this article is already long enough.

What else can you say but ...


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