The White House press secretary has been denying U.S. election results for years and she did not handle it so well when a reporter finally asked her about it
· Sep 6, 2022 ·

Well before Trump supporters ever claimed that a U.S. election was rigged, the current White House press secretary had been at it for literal years:

Yow! Those are some straight-up extremist, election-denying, democracy-threatening conspiracy theories right there. It's disgraceful, really.

What's even more disgraceful, however, is that Karine Jean-Pierre has had six years to come up with a reasonable explanation for all of this in the off-chance that someone ever asks her about it... and she still completely whiffed it:

"I was talking specifically at the time of what was happening with voting rights, and what was in danger of voting rights, that's what I was speaking to at the time."

Yeaaahhh I'm over here trying to follow along with that like:

They should keep asking her about this, day after day, until she comes up with a better answer!

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