Wokies are super salty that Tim Tebow is reportedly back in the NFL and Colin Kaepernick still isn't
· May 11, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Tim Tebow is reportedly headed back to the NFL, signing a one-year deal with the Jaguars that would see him on a pro squad for the first time since 2012 ... but this time as a tight end, not a QB.

While these types of things happen in the sports world, the woke are super sure that Tim Tebow is getting a second shot because he's... well, you know:

The argument here is that the Jaguars – despite the NFL spending years capitulating to woke causes at the expense of its fans – are actually a super racist team and chose Tebow over Kap because #WhiteSupremacy.

Let me point out a few key details these ideologues are missing:

  1. Tebow is returning as a tight end, not as a quarterback, and he's doing so with the knowledge that he might not even play. Kap hasn't expressed interest in changing position to return to the league. Would he even consider doing so? Of course not -- he would see that as "beneath him." While Kap is all about the spotlight, Tebow is all about the game.
  2. Kap was the one who opted out of his own contract and then reportedly refused to take a backup QB offer. He wore a shirt with Fidel Castro on it to a press conference. He also demanded team representatives come to his own personal workout session on his terms.
  3. I know wokies idolize Kap for "sacrificing" his career by signing a bazillion-dollar deal with Nike, but his stats speak for themselves.

If you're not up on football lingo, let me translate that for you:

Kap sucks.

Here's to hoping the reports are true and it's actually Tebow Time! Good luck, Tim!

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