Them's some pricey optics: Deploying those 26,000 National Guard troops in DC cost nearly $500 MILLION in taxpayer dollars

Feb 5th

So I guess milking every last drop of politics out of January 6th can get kind of expensive.

Who knew? 🤷‍♂️

After the idiocy of January 6th at the Capitol, politicians wasted no time in turning tragedy into political theatre. You'l remember they deployed around 26,000 National Guard troops throughout D.C. in order to secure the place from further Buffalo Guy incursions.

From The Virginia Pilot:

The deployment brought troops in from all 50 states and four territories as law enforcement agencies tried to lock down the Capitol for the inauguration of the President Joe Biden. Thousands of Guard members poured into the nation's capital and were stationed across the city to block traffic and protect lawmakers and landmarks.

And look, I get they had to do something big after that abysmal failure to keep the Capitol secure. But completely FENCING-IN the nation's capital and putting on a show that made Biden's swearing-in look more like a military coup than an inauguration is the very definition of overkill.

And turns out all that overkill came with a price tag:

Just a cool five-hundred milli 💰😳

Officials said the nearly $500 million includes the costs of transporting Guard troops from their states to Washington, their salaries and benefits, as well as housing and other essentials.

They also said this would hopefully cover the costs for the Guard for another month or so. Because they're supposed to be leaving about 5,000 to 7,000 troops in Washington until March 14.

That's a lot of dough for a big show! And that's just the bill for the troops. They didn't even get into the price for all the fencing and barriers and the rest of the hullabalo they put up.

But you know, it's like my eye doctor always tells me,

Optics ain't cheap, son.


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