There It Is! LA County To Require Proof Of Vaccinations For Customers And Employees At Bars, Breweries, Nightclubs, And Lounges, As Well As Major Sporting Events
· Sep 16, 2021 ·

Immediately after the unfortunate result of the California gubernatorial recall election, where Gavin Newsom somehow maintained his position as governor, the county of Los Angeles decided to go forward with extreme vaccine mandates in public places.

FoxLA reports:

Beauracrats in Los Angeles County plan to usurp more authority for themselves and force citizens to show proof that they've gotten the jab before they are allowed to participate in normal society in LA.

From the Fox report:

"Los Angeles County is planning on issuing a new health officer order later this week that will require proof of vaccination for indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges. The order will also require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for outdoor mega-events, including Dodgers, Rams and Chargers games, County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer told the Board of Supervisors Wednesday."

Yeah, that's right. If you refuse to comply and get the vax, for whatever reason, the County of LA will do their best to prevent you from doing normal things like go to a bar or a ball game.

According to Ferrer, the order will strongly recommend, but not require, vaccine verification for indoor portions of restaurants.

That's right. No soup for you! No beer for you. No baseball for you. We will check your papers before you can participate in any normal daily activity.

By what authority? The County Public Health Director? One single person, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, was reassured by the voters in California that tyranny is acceptable, and you can go forward and continue to take people's rights away from them with no consequences.

She said county health officials "believe that targeted vaccine mandates are now a very important strategy for quickly raising vaccination coverage across our county and ending the pandemic."

The vaccination/testing requirement for outdoor mega-events -- including Dodgers, Rams and Chargers games -- will take effect Oct. 7.

Attendees at indoor mega-events of 5,000 or more people are already required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

This mandate includes OUTDOOR events! What evidence has anyone shown of Covid spreading during outdoor events?

I'm sure they will enforce this requirement at the next BLM protest of size.

Elections have consequences, and it's clear the people of California have sent the message loud and clear: please continue to tread on us. We won't fight back.


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