There it is: Facebook is defending its shoddy fact-checking operation by claiming that its "fact checks" are actually just "opinion" 🤣
· · Dec 14, 2021 ·

Leave it to a court filing to bring out the truth about Facebook's bogus "fact-checking" brigades:

Facebook admitted that its so-called "fact-checking" program is actually cranking out opinions used to censor certain viewpoints.

In its latest legal battle with TV journalist John Stossel over a post about the origins of the deadly 2020 California forest fires, Facebook, now rebranded and referred to as "Meta," claims that its "fact-checking" program should not be the target of a defamation suit because its attempts to regulate content are done by third-party organizations who are entitled to their "opinion."

Stossel's original complaint questioned whether "Facebook and its vendors defame a user who posts factually accurate content, when they publicly announce that the content failed a ‘fact-check' and is ‘partly false,' and by attributing to the user a false claim that he never made?" Facebook, however, claimed that the counter article authored by Climate Feedback is not necessarily the tech giant's responsibility...

"The labels themselves are neither false nor defamatory; to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion," Facebook admitted. "And even if Stossel could attribute Climate Feedback's separate webpages to Meta, the challenged statements on those pages are likewise neither false nor defamatory. Any of these failures would doom Stossel's complaint, but the combination makes any amendment futile."

Amazing: So if you haul Facebook into court, they'll be forced to admit that, far from being some neutral arbiter of reality, their fact-checking program is nothing more than an extended op-ed?

The next time someone claims that something has been disproven by a Facebook fact-check, just point them toward the company's own disqualifying statements on the matter!


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