These 5 toxically masculine teens saved 2 little kids from an icy pond by jumping in and forming a human chain
· Dec 30, 2020 ·


As fresh piles of snow fell on Thursday in NJ, kids went out to do what kids do: Sled like crazy.

Well 8-year-old Olivia Heid and little brother, 4-year-old RJ, got a little too crazy with the sledding and ended up losing control, flying too fast down a hill, and yeeting themselves out into an icy pond.

Thank God there were some teenage boys nearby who saw the whole thing and were sufficiently toxically masculine. They jumped right in to save the kids.

"Me and Joey first saw them. I think we're both thinking, should we like jump in front of the raft to try to stop it?" Drew Scalice said. "We couldn't. It was going way too fast."

"We definitely had to do something. We can't just sit there and watch," Foley said.

The boys got the kids to safety and are now being heralded as heroes in the community, a title they don't accept.

"Honestly, I feel like I didn't do much," Ryan Day said.

"We hope that anybody would do that. It just happened to be us there," Tyler Armagan added.

Absolute bosses. "We didn't do much. Just doing what bros do, y'know." 😤

God bless these young men.

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