These peeps are building a race-exclusive communist state in the Rockies and I wish them the very best of luck ๐Ÿ‘
ยท May 7, 2021 ยท

In the great nation of America, the land of opportunity, even racist communists can achieve their dreams.

I mean that literally. A group of ethno-communists is preparing to build a town high in the mountains of Colorado where white people will not be allowed:

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

The "hammer" in the name refers to the infamous hammer and sickle of the Russian revolution, so you know this group is going places.

Here's how the group describes themselves on their website:

"Black Hammer Organization exists to take the Land Back for all colonized people worldwide. We are focused on building dual contending power of and for the colonized masses. Under the leadership of the colonized poor and working class, our mission is to use our collective building power to unite, strengthen and liberate all colonized nations. Currently, our physical and intellectual labor is being coerced to build for the capitalist white colonial state, but it can be redirected to a noble cause. We will organize our labor to be of service to our people. Our symbol, the Hammer, represents breaking the chains of colonialism and building a self-determined future for all colonized people worldwide."

The name of the town will be Hammer City, and it promises to be a utopia free from sin and struggle:

  • Building a city for all people of color to be free (no discrimination of nationality, gender, age, mental/physical differences, etc)
  • Jobs, housing, food, healthcare
  • No cops, no rent, no Coronavirus, and no white people
  • Returning the land to Indigenous people

It's amazing. Not only will they guarantee no white people, but also no coronavirus as well. This must confirm the theory that COVID-19 is repelled by social justice activism!

Here's some mock ups of their city design:

* * *

Trendy, huh? I'm pumped about this. Black Hammer says they want people to join them in building a "new world where no one lives at the expense of another," and I for one am excited to see them try!

If you're wondering what leadership, farming, or trade skills this group has that will allow them to survive in the Rockies, here's an interpretive dance to shed light on that question:

I have to admit, I'm getting some serious CHOP/CHAZ vibes:

So far, Black Hammer has raised over $60,000 toward their commune. Based on the raging success of every commune before them, I sincerely wish them the very best of luck! They're going to need it!

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