Spend a year terrifying a nation, this is what you get. Hysterical parents and young children who have never seen the inside of a grocery store or played with other kids their age.

May 7th

A pharmaceutical company wants to inject your 2-year-old with a vaccine that is still under an EUA, that's an Emergency Use Authorization that permits "the use of unapproved medical products," and this is your reaction.

I am just crying tears of joy right now. My daughter turns two in late August. She has been so sheltered her whole life - never been to a grocery store, a library, so many places. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen!!!!

Remember when injecting your child with an unapproved experimental drug would have resulted in a visit from Child Protective Services if not the police?

Good times.

He got some push back but defended his position.

I would never do that without approval from the FDA...

To which someone responded:

Some accused him of being a bot. I don't think so, running through his feed, but regardless, he was clearly not alone in wanting to live out a low-budget Sci-Fi movie plot. He has fellow travelers.

Imagine a young child never having had a play date. Imagine being a toddler and never seeing the inside of someone else's home. What does that do to a person?

She's only ever been to the doctor as far as she remembers.

That's your horror-movie flashback scene right there.

Everyone around us is just living like there's not a freaking pandemic.

You should ponder that for a moment. Maybe they're not the crazy ones?

It's comforting to know I'm not alone.

No, but your daughter is.

This is a San Francisco Chronicle headline from last month.

Bay Area parents with young children are among the most excited to finally get open access to vaccinations


That was 2-year-old Rosie Werner's voice coming clearly from the back seat. She'd said only a few words in her young life, but there it was — part of her embryonic vocabulary.

Her mother, Kaz Werner, who had just donned a face mask for their outing, was momentarily startled.

I was bracing for the second word being "Fauci" but it mercifully never came.

"Being holed up in the same room on Zoom all day long is exhausting," he said. "Every little decision you make (is) stressful, whether it's going to the store or deciding who's in your pod or even just walking down the street: Do you wear a mask? Every little interaction becomes a minor stress inducer."

Do you wear a mask walking down the street? No, of course not.

A little less stress in your life.

Many parents plan to maintain pandemic vigilance and wear masks even after vaccination, because children still are not approved for vaccines.

Children notice this kind of behavior. The mental health damage is incalculable.

Look, I got the vaccine a week ago. I'm an old guy, did the math, liked the odds. I also have an 11-year-old. I did the math there, too. Hate the odds. He is already all but immune from this virus. Why on earth would I subject him to this vaccine, the side effects of which are orders of magnitude beyond any vaccine that has come before, combined? And those are just the short-term ones we know.

(Whole thread worth a read.)

Anyone who was paying attention, who was listening to "the science" rather than the politicians, knew two months into the pandemic what the deal was.

The old and sick were vulnerable. Everyone else, less so.

Lot of ways to die, this was just another one, and not much more likely than many of the others.

We found a handful of like-minded parents who like us appeared to be threading the needle of being cautious but not hysterical. Indoor maskless (!) play dates followed, and with the exception of remote learning, we managed to cobble together as near normal a life as we could. My son was inside stores of all kinds, we went on vacation with other families, I flew twice (unvaccinated!!!) and so on.

And guess what? Nothing happened. Was I lucky? Yes, in the same sense that I'm lucky every time I don't get into an automobile accident driving to the store. Grateful, but not not surprised.

Everyone has to make their own decisions, but...

But this, this right here, this is wrong.


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