This app lets you order hormone blockers so you can gender reassign without ever having to see an in-person doc or shrink
· Feb 3, 2021 ·

Ordering invasive drugs that alter your body in permanent ways is easier now than ever thanks to a new service called Plume.

Plume seeks to help you "live your authentic life" by getting rid of yucky red tape like psychologists and doctors that might warn you about the side effects of hormone blockers.

Never mind the question of how many people identifying as trans these days are doing so out of a desire for popularity and affection, versus due to actual gender dysphoria -- Plume wants everyone to be able to live out their subjective view of reality.

After all, why should there be barriers to the self-administration of hardcore drugs that cause irreversible changes to your body and mind??

Here's how Plume's service works. For a monthly fee of $99, customers telechat with a Plume doctor and then get hormone blockers shipped directly to their front door. Here's a list of everything provided with a membership:

Plume says their services are only available to those over the age of 18, but how this is verified is unclear.

"Your provider will start by reviewing your health history/intake forms and opening up a conversation about your goals and desires," says Plume. "You'll work together to figure out a treatment plan that is right for you. Your provider can answer any and all questions about the medications, dosage, their effects, how to inject, take, or apply them, and what to expect as you go. Our providers are experts in gender-affirming care and no matter if this is your first time exploring hormone therapy or you're a decade in, they are here for you with respect and wisdom."

Oh, and should you need a medical letter of support in order to remove unwanted organs from your body, all you have to do is pony up $150.

Whatever the patient wants, the patient gets! As Plume says, they be "cheering you on every step of the way."

I personally want a doctor who tells me the truth and ensures I get the proper mental and physical care needed to correct a medical problem, but to each his own!

Sure, an 18-year-old might not be old enough to buy a beer, but they can decide to start a life-long regiment of some of the most invasive drugs after a short video call!

Writer Rod Dreher at the American Conservative asks a valid question: where da heck is Congress?

"This is out of control. Organizations like Plume — and frankly, that well-established and large hospital — are making medical decisions — irreversible ones! — based on cultural politics and ideology. Where is Congress? State legislatures?"

I guess lawmakers are too busy talking about requiring every gun owner in America to have a state-approved psychiatric evaluation.

What a time to be alive.

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