Watch this bear sneak up on a DJ while he's blasting some smooth techno beats via livestream
· · Feb 2, 2021 ·

A black bear decided to invite himself to a livestreaming dance party in East Asheville, NC.

Check out the DJ, who is completely unaware of the monster sneaking up behind him:

The DJ, a realtor and part-time DJ who began offering livestreamed dance parties due to Covid, saw the bear a minute after he appeared at the screen door.

"I just started playing and kind of got into the first track and I kept hearing this sound. I didn't really know what it was," said DJ Jody Flemming of the October incident. "It was my neighbor in the street blowing their horn. That kind of alerted me that something was going on. And so I turned around — in the video it was really more backlit than it looks — and I just saw this figure. I thought it was maybe my neighbor coming to tell me my music was too loud. I got kind of halfway over and said, ‘Oh, there's a bear there.'"

Props to the dude for having zero reaction whatsoever after he saw the bear. He just calmly walked to close the door like, "Whatever, I live in North Carolina. It's cool."

He was also once a ranger in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, so he's pretty comfortable around the cuddly murder machines.

"We get a bunch of bears over here," he said. "This particular one has been coming around lately, and we kind of just keep our distance and say ‘Hi.' Whenever I saw him, I'd go out on the porch and watch him do his thing. I wish my neighbors hadn't blown the horn and it could have played out a little more," he said. "I was hoping the bear would come back."

When the bear realized his stealth assault had been ruined, he quickly skedaddled the heck outta there. With a smile, DJ Flemming just went back to his sound board and kept cranking out those sick beats.


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