This British artist covered his entire mansion in doodles and it's one of the most amazing works of art I've ever seen
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When you go by the name of Mr. Doodle and you own a mansion, it's only natural that you'd cover that entire mansion in doodles.

And that's exactly what Sam Cox, aka Mr. Doodle, did to his Tenterden, Kent home.

Known simply as "The Doodle House," this $1.5M home was, over a period of two years, covered entirely in the hand-drawn doodles of Mr. Doodle himself. And I must say, it looks amazing.

Pretty sweet, huh?

Cox's mansion is now covered inside and out in the artist's doodles, including surfaces such as the kitchen appliances and his bed sheets.

Cox said he used about 240 gallons of white paint on the inside of his house and 401 cans of black spray paint for the outside to create a surface for his drawings, which were made with 2,296 pens.

Yo, Mr. Doodle don't mess around!

And check out this awesome video he put together while creating this masterpiece:

Mr. Doodle, I must say, is an absolute legend!

His literal childhood dream come true right there.

And now, rumor has it, he wants to doodle some of his neighbors' homes as well and create sort of a doodle town.

I'm all for it!

I'll leave you with a report from the BBC:

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