Fauci is still out here saying there's no evidence for the lab leak theory and sees nothing wrong with continued bat coronavirus research funded by the US πŸ˜‘
Β· Oct 6, 2022 Β· NottheBee.com

In case you missed it, the United States has decided to not learn its lesson from Covid-19.

We are STILL sending money to Peter Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance, the gain-of-function researchers, to find coronavirus in bats.

In 2022. After the pandemic is over.

We're doing it again.

Well, one person in favor of this action, you won't be shocked to learn, is The Scienceβ„’ himself, Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci still claims that there is NO evidence for the covid lab leak theory.

Lab leak is a theory with no evidence whatsoever. Do we keep an open mind? Absolutely. In fact, early on when there was the suspicion about it I was part of the group that called together a bunch of experienced evolutionary virologists to seriously look at that.

Fauci is covering his tail here, but we know that early on in the pandemic Fauci and Francis Collins emailed back and forth to coordinate a coverup and discredit the lab leak theory.

After this assertion that the lab leak theory is not true at all, Fauci then defends funding EcoHealth Alliance, the group that partnered with the Wuhan Institute of Virology to perform gain-of-function research.

So, Fauci's argument is that even though EcoHealth Alliance has a history of covering things up, a lack of transparency, working with Communist China, and doing gain-of-function research, we should still fund them.

Because we have an agreement.

There is no mechanism to say 'we can't fund you'... because someone doesn't like you.

It's not that we "don't like" EcoHealth Alliance.

They're corrupt. They work with China. They are a bad group. Peter Daszak is doing dangerous research.

THAT'S the issue here.

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