This congresswoman just pulverized this trans activist in a hearing on extremism by reading the activist's own tweets
· Dec 13, 2022 ·

So this guy who goes by "Alejandra Caraballo" is very, very concerned about the scourge of violence posed by the trillions of red-hat-wearing extremists who want to be left alone to enjoy apple pie, church, and baseball.

As a trans activist, he is exalted to the halls of power in Congress, where he testified about all the horrible, evil rhetoric and violence he experiences as a "trans woman."

There's only one problem: GOP Rep. Nancy Mace has some receipts of the mostly-peaceful rhetoric that Caraballo himself has spewed:

An important quote from Mace about where the real extremism in this country is coming from:

I know something about being accosted. The night of January 5th, I was physically accosted on the streets of DC in Navy Yard by a constituent of mine. I fervently blamed rhetoric - rhetoric on social media, rhetoric at public events - for being physically accosted. I carry a gun everywhere I go when I am in my district and when I am home, because I know personally that rhetoric has consequences. I've had my car keyed, I've had my house [broken] into, I've had someone trespass in my house as recently as August. I've been doxxed on social media about where I live, and I've had to add to security everywhere I go. Often, because I can't afford it, I have to carry my own firearm everywhere I go.

This is the reality for many conservatives now.

The media and the Left (but I repeat myself) are crying about dangerous rhetoric that threatens the very pillar of democracy, but then they squirm when conservatives point out their hypocrisy.

That is not an accurate characterization of my statements!


It's worth noting that Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida also got in a shot there at the end. Two Loudoun County school board officials have now been criminally indicted over the coverup of a boy who raped a girl in the girl's restrooms under the school's woke gender policy that allows students to use the restrooms that match their subjective "gender."

Caraballo, who wants others to be censored and prosecuted as "extremists" for their views, was shouting loudly that it was a big nothing burger. He painted parents as white supremacists – parents who were arrested and investigated by the FBI because of such claims.

He incited violence against the Supreme Court, aided the coverup of the rape of a minor, and now has the GALL to go before Congress and think he's going to be celebrated as the savior of the Republic as he paints his countrymen as terrorists???

Sorry, bro. You don't get to wiggle out of this. You brought this on yourself.

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