WATCH: NHL goes woke with trans hockey tourney that results in "male domination and concussed female player" 🤔
· Dec 13, 2022 ·

Some of you may remember this load of garbage from a few weeks back:

This comment was actually a response to a rando trolling the NHL for this tweet:

It was at this point when NHL fans realized their league had been compromised.

Fast forward a few weeks, and now we have some interesting news coming out of that same tournament.

Yes, an all-trans hockey tournament just West of the Socialist Utopia of Madison, Wisconsin saw one biological female participant exit the ice on a stretcher after she was "propelled head first into the boards with enough force to deliver a concussion."

You can guess, right, which type of transgender person did this to her?

Thought so…

According to journalist Jonathan Kay, writing for Quillette, player #91 on Team Black, a self-described female-to-male transgender player, was pushed to the ground by player #90 of Team Pink, who self-describes as a "bisexual trans woman"...

It reportedly took more than 17 minutes to get the player stretchered off of the ice.

Player #91 recounted the incident on social media, but left out that it was player #90 that caused the injury…

Recounting the final game against Team Pink, the athlete wrote, "once out I was playing the puck, and I took a very odd fall into the boards, in which I needed medical attention to make sure my neck and extremities were okay. For physical safety, I was stretchered off the ice and taken to the ER. I am okay, I was diagnosed with a concussion and muscle strains in my left neck, shoulder, and back."

Amazing how much irony is at play here.

Check out the hit:

Yup, and you can thank the NHL and their push for diversity for this one.

The tournament was organized under Team Trans, which according to kay is a Massachusetts-based transgender hockey club promoted and financed by the NHL as a part of its "Accelerating Diversity & Inclusion" mission.

Man, I cannot wait until the inaugural WNHL season!

Sydney Crosby's gonna look great in those pink unis!

Anyhow, the results of the tournament were as predictable as could be, and I must share them with you because it's just the cherry on top.

More than 80 athletes played, being split up into six teams. Kay noted that however these teams were split up, "the results were lopsided: A single team, Pink, ended up stacked with physically imposing biological men (i.e., trans women). And by no coincidence, that team also went on to become tournament champion."

"There [was] just an enormous difference in size between the two teams — height, weight, shoulder width, muscles — the differences were plain to even a child," one rink-side source describing the final match between Team Pink and Team Black told Kay.

Four players on Team Pink, #1, #9, #42, and #90, stood staggeringly taller than members of Team Black. Team Pink would eventually go on to win the tournament.

I don't even have to troll these people. They've already done my job for me!

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