Woke trolls got this fake CNN story trending to prove free speech is bad or something and the tolerance mob responded like you'd expect
· Nov 3, 2022 · NottheBee.com

American churches have been peddling the lie for decades that the 11th Commandment is "Thou Shalt Be Nice."

The only thing that's important, we've been told, is "loving" people by accepting them and not committing unforgivable sins like mean tweets.

This is why I was shocked – SHOCKED, I SAY! – to discover that the people most concerned with peace, niceness, and tolerance were dancing on the fake grave of President Donald J. Trump when a fake CNN headline went viral.

Here's the headline:

Here's some of the responses:

Apparently, the woke Twitter soyboys got this trending to prove that censorship is needed and that free speech is bad because we were all too stupid to realize this was a joke.

Yeah, ya really fooled us there! You're so smart! 🤣

So cringe.

What said soyboys don't realize is that what's trending on Twitter matters squat in real life, and about 3 people actually believed the hoax. These kind of troll campaigns actually help people learn how to better identify fake news.

But people can't do that when censorship rules.

What's much more damaging is having a giant tech platform censor anything it disagrees with on behalf of a powerful political party that controls the most powerful superpower in world history so people have no way to actually discuss ideas and disagreements with each other.

All this campaign did was prove that the Left isn't funny, isn't creative, thinks everyone else is stupid, and doesn't understand the basic fundamentals of society or life!

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