This gorgeous 19th century Victorian home has it all: Charm, history, solitary confinement...
· Sep 13, 2023 ·

You don't find too many 1890s homes in this kind of peak exterior condition:

Handsome, good lines, good bones, that stately turret. You can't beat it! Naturally you're interested and you want to check it out:

5 Bedroom Mansion with Jail attached!

Five whole bedrooms! And honey, look, it has a jail too!

... wait what?

That's right: When you sign the deed to this sucker, you're not just getting a fixer-upper in a good neighborhood. You are getting a literal county lockup to go along with it:

Turns out this bad boy used to be Old Bedford Jail. Built in 1895, it served the area for decades. It has of course been decommissioned as a holding facility, but all of that pig iron is still in there. Just in case you want it.

And why wouldn't you? Think of the possibilities!

☝️It's an in-law suite just waiting to happen. You could even just leave it as-is!

☝️ Built-in bunk beds! For the kids of course.

☝️ All of this is very obviously extremely haunted. But look at all the natural lighting!

☝️ Some kind of, I don't know, earthen oven in the basement? Maybe? I don't even have a joke for this one.

☝️ Just what you want to see when you're buying a home: A chilling, threatening corridor draped in caution tape.

Where do I sign?!

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