This grown adult person doesn't identify as fully human, claims to be "part dog"
· Dec 27, 2022 ·

So, here's something that, frankly, we all should have seen coming from a thousand miles away.

If a person can identify as another gender, what's to stop them from identifying as another species entirely?

Or, in this case, just partly.

Yes, "Samuel" here identifies as part human and part dog.

Hi, my name is Samuel and I am a Canine Therian. But what does this mean?

A therian is somebody who identifies as wholely or partially, non-human. Specifically as a non-human animal from this earth.

Now, there are other forms of non-humans and a person could identify as being non-human for a plethora of psychological or spiritual reasons, for me I'm not sure which it is.

Yes, this is a real thing. I can't recommend that you Google it, because there are images that will never go away from your mind.

But trust me, it's a real thing.

I used to be certain that it was purely psychological due to neurodivergency, however, as I started to delve into my spirituality I started to question if maybe it was a past life that effects my humanity.

Either way, I feel a disconnect from other humans and to the part of my brain and soul that feels human.

Instead I feel like a dog or a wolf, which I know is extraordinarily common.

This person, these people, suffering from this affliction need help. I might surprise you when I say I do not doubt or disagree with some of what she's saying.

She actually has lost some of her humanity. I don't doubt for a moment that it's not just psychological, but spiritual in nature. This is a cult that reduces human value by treating people like animals.

The only way you can save people from a cult like that is to tell them the pure and simple truth.

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