A group of Boston moms screamed into the sky for 20 minutes to vent their anger. The NYT blames Covid, but I think there's another culprit here...
· Jan 24, 2022 · NottheBee.com

The New York Times published this story on Monday morning about a group of moms who were so tired of the pandemic that they met together to scream in a field.

In Boston, many mothers were exhausted. The pandemic had been so draining that they wanted to scream.

But they had to hold it in because they had children to raise, careers to build and chores to finish. For nearly two years, they have been trapped.

But on a night this month, about 20 mothers ditched their duties. They left their children and homes behind and headed to a high school football field.

Yeah, there's a video too:

It normalized their anger.

So normalizing anger is a good thing now? Got it.

Sarah Harmon, the therapist/yoga teacher who organized this shindig, had the mothers scream for 20 minutes.

I guess the pandemic nonsense has been even worse than Trump!

More from the Times:

"It was so nice to feel out of control for the first time," one mother told Ms. Harmon, who lives in Boston.

One of the participants, Jessica Buckley, said many of the mothers were unaware of The New York Times's primal scream hotline, which is available to mothers who want to yell, laugh, cry or vent for a solid minute.

I was unaware of this as well, but boy would I love to have a compilation of all the crazies screaming into the phone.

Ms. Harmon, 39, first held what she called a primal scream gathering last year, after her clients had suggested it. She counsels mothers who, like herself, have gone through varying stages of despair, anger and anxiety as the pandemic has lingered.

Here's the rub. These moms are still living under the illusion of pandemic for a vastly survivable virus that has unnecessarily dominated our thoughts and lives.

We've all been in that place where we were so frustrated that we could scream. But maybe these moms would be better off directing their frustration in a positive direction.

Ms. Harmon, a mother of 3- and 5-year-old daughters, said that her children were driving her "absolutely nuts" during the pandemic.

Then send them outside to get fresh air and sunshine. Since they are unbelievably not at risk from Covid, take them places and enjoy life. Most of the country has been vacationing, dining out, seeing family, and doing school in person for over a year. The pandemic was over for us in early summer 2020.

The problem is that these ladies can't let go of the religious faith they've put in the Narrative™. They're slaves to it. And that unhinged dependence on the Narrative™ drug is the culprit behind their profound stress and unhappiness.

At the gathering on Jan. 13, which was previously reported by the radio station WBUR and The Boston Globe, she said a lot of the mothers were feeling bitter.

They questioned why the pandemic was still going on and why children under 5 could not be vaccinated, said Ms. Harmon, the founder of the School of MOM, a mindfulness website for mothers.

The pandemic is still going on because your leftist politicians won't let it be over.

That is why the gathering was so cathartic, she said. For once, the mothers could just let go.

They could also, you know, move someplace less crazy.

Instead of screaming into the void, maybe they should focus their energies on something productive.

It's not the pandemic these moms need to yell at. But there are several targets they could aim their ire towards.

  • First, how about letting your voice be heard in the offices of Randi Weingarten and the teacher's unions who have prevented schools from going back to normal for two years. For almost no reason.
  • Also, you are from Boston. If you're frustrated that your life isn't normal anymore blame your mayor. She is implementing policies that are killing businesses and costing the unvaxxed their jobs.
  • But, most importantly, the real enemy here is the New York Times itself. The reason life has been disrupted for the past two years is because of the corporate media. The fear they have peddled the last couple of years has completely, and unjustifiably, disrupted life.

If you want this pandemic to end, it's up to you. Live your life. If you can't live your life in Boston, move to Florida.

Don't spit into the wind or yell at the sky. Actually do something about it.


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