This is an important thread on why you don't want to leave America when the apocalypse kicks off
· May 1, 2023 ·

Drag queens are twerking for toddlers, men are crushing women in sports, dudes in dresses are on our beer cans, and the elites have crushed your savings account... but amid all the pedophilia, corruption, and greed, there's some good news about America.

It starts with rivers.

But first, some background:

So Michael here doesn't look like the most based fella in the land. He thinks "democracy" and the dying dollar are reasons for optimism about the US, and I'm not sure if he means immigration as in "lawful movement of motivated, responsible families seeking their fortunes" or "mass migration of lawless mobs illegally crossing borders," but the good news is he doesn't need to be based to understand what's more important than all these things:


I remember hearing about the exceptionalism of American geography (we're just the best, what can I say?) a year or two back, particularly around the issue of rivers. Most major countries have one or two rivers (Nile, Jordan, Yangtze, Ganges, Danube, Rhine, Thames, Amazon) that supply all of their needs.

America has more miles of navigable rivers than all other nations... combined.

Look at this map of the main river system:

From the middle of Michigan, someone could navigate out to Lake Michigan, and from there go all the way up to Minnesota, down through Chicago all the way to the Gulf Coast, or over up past Ohio and New York out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Likewise, someone in middle-of-nowhere Kansas could connect to other landlocked states like Tennessee via waterways, which is mind-boggling when you think about it.

But rivers are only one part of the puzzle: Farms are the next part.

You might be starting to understand why Bill Gates is buying up all that farmland!

In an economic or societal collapse, the man who controls water transport and crop cultivation is king.

But there's more to these two things than meets the eye. America also has superior navigable ocean coastline, safe and convenient harbors, favorable climates, abundant natural resources, and more:

America the beautiful!!

When the politicians' spending and woke 2030 goals cause the economy to crash and mass looting and civil war rages across the land, take heart. One day – after Joe Biden has successfully started nuclear war on the verge of rolling famines and riots – you'll be sitting in your little homestead in a town near what used to be Kansas City or Green Bay and you'll be able to look out at those rivers and amber waves of grain and realize how much better you have it than everyone else in the world.

Pretty neat, eh??

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