This is how fast a simple road stop can go wrong
· Jan 23, 2023 ·

Watch how fast this man goes from normal law-abiding citizen into attack mode:

[Warning: Violence, Language]

So you probably missed this because it was a white perp who attacked the Jacksonville officer in the summer of 2020.

But the point here has nothing to do with skin color: It has to do with the realities of law enforcement.

Our president and other top politicians are constantly saying that lethal force is never justified. After all, an officer should 1) always be able to defuse the situation, 2) has a taser that is just as effective as a gun, and 3) can just shoot the perp in the leg.

Here's what happened:

After the crash, the video shows JSO Officer B. Ondriezek having a conversation with Dunaway and asking him what happened. Dunaway, who says he is shaken up, explains he was sleeping before he crashed.

The video, which was reviewed by News4Jax, shows Dunaway bending down next to his car and catching his breath before he suddenly charges at Ondriezek.

As Dunaway charges, Ondriezek backs away and deploys his Tazer twice. The Tazer connects, causing Dunaway to fall to the ground.

The taser failed to keep a crazy elderly man down: How effective do you think it is against hardened criminals in their prime?

When the crazed man reached into his car while shouting "I've got a gun," should the officer have waited a few seconds so he could get a better shot on the man's legs?

I'm not showing y'all this video because I like seeing people get blasted into the afterlife.

I want all of us to understand what actual deadly situations look like and be informed so we don't like braindead politicians promise to keep us safe with idiotic ideas like the ones that currently run the White House.

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