This is a real thing a Democrat lawmaker just tweeted out
· Feb 14, 2023 ·

I know we say that the Democrats are at war with the family and are sold out to destroying the essential unit of government and that many of you think it's all hyperbole.

But here's what a real Democratic Representative from South Dakota has to say about the family as it has existed from the beginning of human history:

Kids being most well off in intact families with a married mother and father used to be common sense.

Someone even shared this little fact from the liberal-leaning Brookings Institute with the good representative:

Children raised by married parents do better at school, develop stronger cognitive and non-cognitive skills, are more likely to go to college, earn more, and are more likely to go on to form stable marriages themselves. Using our own benchmarks of success at different life stages, developed as part of the Brookings Social Genome Model (now a partnership with the Urban Institute and Child Trends), we find similar patterns.

Countless studies affirm that kids in married households – and married households with a mother and father at that – do the best in nearly every aspect of development.

To today's Democrats, and increasingly more Republicans, that's considered something like a "hate fact."

(Or "Dangerous and Un-American.")

In her view, stating that the ideal situation for children is to be raised by a married mother and father is un-American, because she thinks being American is all about serving yourself and not caring about what's best for kids.

This is today's average Democrat. Being in favor of the traditional, nuclear family makes one an extremist.

Well, you may as well call me a radical then.

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