This is the guy the Irish government just chose to have "immense powers to police social media"
· Dec 12, 2023 ·

Ladies and gentlemen, the man Ireland has chosen to police social media:



From Politico:

Jeremy Godfrey will soon have immense powers to police social media. He's just not quite sure how he's going to do it.

On February 17, the watchdog will be given extended powers as a so-called Digital Services Coordinator, alongside other agencies across the bloc. Such national entities are empowered to act under the EU's social media rules, including policing domestic online activity and working across borders — and with the European Commission — on thorny questions linked to illegal content and potential digital foreign interference …

Under the online content rulebook's complex structure, these agencies will work via a pan-European board on both EU-wide and domestic digital issues. Several of these appointed watchdogs have met regularly since last summer to coordinate how outsiders can flag potential harmful content on platforms and how EU citizens can make formal complaints — both requirements under the bloc's content rules.

Essentially, Godfrey will hand out fines to those who dare to make pro-Irish or pro-Christian posts on the internet. People who call for the genocide of the Jews or stab little kids, however, will likely be just fine.

And look at this fun little detail concerning Irelands new Big Brother:

This was before the Chinese Communist Party had completely erased the freedoms Britain left behind in Hong Kong, but it's never a good look when the guy you hired to hunt down Irish moms concerned about masses of 18-year-old Algerians roaming the streets was formerly in bed with China.

Not a great sign of things to come, Ireland ...

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