This man changed his name to "Literally Anybody Else" and he's running for president of the United States
· Mar 25, 2024 ·

Let me introduce you to my new favorite candidate for president: Literally Anybody Else.






Yes, this man legally changed his name in order to reflect the desires of American voters in 2024.

I mean, could there be a better option?!?

Let's see what Literally Anybody Else is all about.

A Texas man has legally changed his name to Literally Anybody Else and announced he is running for US president in the 2024 election.

Formerly known as Dustin Ebey, the 35-year-old is a US army veteran and seventh-grade math teacher in the suburbs of Dallas, and now has a Texas driver's license to prove his name change.

He said he wanted to change his name because he was unsatisfied with this year's presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

"Three hundred million people can do better," he said in reference to the two frontrunners for the nation's highest office. "There really should be some outlet for people like me who are just so fed up with this constant power grab between the two parties that just has no benefit to the common person.

Now, will Literally Anybody Else make it onto the ballot in November? Unlikely. He needs 113,000 signatures from non-primary Texas voters by May in order to move forward with his candidacy. So you'll have to write in his name on your ballot if you want to give Literally Anybody Else your vote.

Interesting little side note: When I asked my wife a few weeks back who would make a better husband than me, she named this exact Texas man we're here talking about today.

Hey, must be a great guy!

And he's got my vote!

Here's a little news segment on Literally Anybody Else that I think you'll love:


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