This mattress company will pay you to sleep on their mattresses and post TikTok videos about how well you slept
· · Aug 10, 2022 ·

Have you ever dreamed of being paid to sleep?

No, not like that one time you snuck into the janitor's closet and snoozed for half an afternoon without anyone noticing. I mean for real.

Paid to sleep.

Yes, it's true. You, my fine reader, could someday become a professional sleeper.

But not if I beat you to the application process!

Seriously though, you can apply here to sleep (professionally) for Casper mattress firm out in New York. You don't even need to live there.

Here are some basics of the job:

Do you love to sleep? Then we have a job that will pay you to do just that. Join the Casper Sleepers and show off your sleeping skills in public, on social and anywhere else people are looking. So join us to literally sleep on the job because we believe a good sleep changes everything.

This is what you'll do

  • Sleep
  • Sleep in our stores, and in unexpected settings out in the world
  • On the rare occasion you're not sleeping, share your experience with others by creating TikTok-style content to be posted across Casper social media channels
  • Demonstrate your ability to sleep

So you must sleep, sleep some more, take a few afternoon naps, and then post to social media.

And what's this sleeping in "unexpected settings out in the world" talk?

I'm thinking up on a mountain, maybe by the lake, and probably something nuts like in Times Square. Those would all make for great TikTok videos, I'm sure.

Some more things Casper is looking for in a professional sleeper:

Our dream candidate has

  • Exceptional sleeping ability
  • A desire to sleep as much as possible
  • Willingness to be in front of or behind the camera capturing content
  • Ability to sleep through anything
  • A passion for sharing and talking about all things sleep through our social channels
  • NYC area based residence (preferred but not required)

The syrup on your waffles

  • Pajama dress-code
  • Free Casper products (limited)
  • Part time hours & compensation


  • Must be 18 or older
  • Willingness to capture content and be featured in social content
  • If you submit an optional TikTok video, include your TikTok handle in the job application and the link to the video

So basically the only work you'll be doing is posting to social media in your pj's.

Otherwise, you'll be asleep.

Heck, instead of sneaking in naps while the boss is away, you'll be sneaking in awake time while the camera is off.

Needless to say, you'll never grow tired of this job.

Last thing:

And if you want to tell us why you'd be right for the job, share an optional video to @Casper on TikTok with #CasperSleepers. If you post an optional video on social, please be sure to include your TikTok handle in the online application.

I dare you.

No, I double dare you.

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