This New Jersey gym will give you a free membership if you DON'T get the Covid vaccine

Mar 27th

So I think we've all seen this by now:

But get a load of this:

Yup, New Jersey gym owners Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, who made headlines last year as they defied government orders and eventually got themselves arrested for keeping their gym open during lockdowns, are giving away free gym memberships TO PEOPLE WHO REFUSE TO GET THE COVID VACCINE.

And to be clear, there will likely still be shots available in the locker room at Atilis Gym, just not the Covid kind.

But I do see their point in at least trolling Krispy Kreme here. Because let's just be honest: Krispy Kreme does nothing for this world. Sure, their doughnuts are delicious, and even just the sight of the "hot now" light in the window is enough to make your mouth water, but in the end Krispy Kreme is just making us all overweight. And don't forget: severe obesity raises the risk of Covid-19 hospitalization and death. So one could argue that without places like Krispy Kreme we would've been much better off in our fight against Covid-19 than we otherwise were.

Contrast that with Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey. Atilis is a fitness center. Atilis encourages a healthy lifestyle. Without places like Atilis Gym our fight against Covid-19 would've been much more difficult. The gym fad isn't a fad. It's a lifestyle. A lifestyle for winners. For people who don't even care about the Covid vaccine.


So bravo, Atilis Gym.

Because this is some expert-level trolling.

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